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Innovative Tube Equipment Corporation


30 Years of Experience

ITEC is built on over 30 years of tube industry experience with an unparalleled reputation for industry leading service and support prior to and following the sale. Innovative Tube Equipment Corporation truly is Your Partner for Cutting Edge, High Quality Tube Fabrication Machinery.

ITEC is proud to provide its customers with comprehensive in-house R&D/Applications assistance, on-site operator training and real time service with full factory trained technical support.

Often times many of our competitor's business philosophies tend to follow the famous words of Henry Ford, "You can have any color you want as long as it's black." At ITEC, we focus on providing customers a high quality machine designed to suit their specific capability, capacity and budget requirements.

We offer the highest quality and most versatile hybrid and all electric CNC tube bending machines available on the market. These machines are designed and built in Europe with high-quality components and offered at competitive prices.

ITEC's unique CNC tube and pipe bending machines have the capabilities and design needed to often times finish your products with fewer welds and with out the need for secondary offline bending operations. Many times this will result in structurally stronger products that are simultaneously more aesthetically pleasing to your customers.

We offer superior products with industry leading support prior to and after the sale that enable you to create higher quality products and more meaningful partnerships with your customers.

Let us show you how our industry leading service and unique machine capabilities can allow your customers and in house design team to "dream in color" when it comes to their tubular designs.